Knot garden revisit and quick fix

Can’t think how I missed this event in the knot garden’s early life. Knot garden toysIn order to enjoy planning a new vision for this area, but still have it presentable in November when the Border Line launch party takes place, I have gone for the quick fix. I found much satisfaction in getting to grips with soil, bricks and plants for a few hours after so much desk time. There is nothing like labour for the spirits. DSCN6609

DSCN6612DSCN6616DSCN6601A late summer flourish.DSCN6599DSCN6596 And the lovely Wollerton Old Hall is giving its all.DSCN6620


I have started a ten-afternoon writing course attached to an art exhibition. More anon.

The life and death of a knot garden

In 1991we created the only formal area of our garden. We used the miniature box, buxus suffructosa.knot garden 1991knot garden 1991-21995knot garden 1995 2001knot garden 1991-2 12004knot garden 2004 2008knot garden 20082010DSCN2663June 2014DSCN6048September 2014. The box hedges in the knot garden have box blight. This is not curable – at least there are no chemical cures available for domestic use.DSCN6300DSCN6525DSCN6526DSCN6547DSCN6578

While this is sad, one of the blissful things about gardening is that the end of one project is always a the beginning of a new one.

What shall I plant now?