Knot garden revisit and quick fix

Can’t think how I missed this event in the knot garden’s early life. Knot garden toysIn order to enjoy planning a new vision for this area, but still have it presentable in November when the Border Line launch party takes place, I have gone for the quick fix. I found much satisfaction in getting to grips with soil, bricks and plants for a few hours after so much desk time. There is nothing like labour for the spirits. DSCN6609

DSCN6612DSCN6616DSCN6601A late summer flourish.DSCN6599DSCN6596 And the lovely Wollerton Old Hall is giving its all.DSCN6620


I have started a ten-afternoon writing course attached to an art exhibition. More anon.

20 thoughts on “Knot garden revisit and quick fix

    • We rather think the previous owner (many decades ago) worked in a quarry. There are vast lumps of pink granite all around the garden. Every garden needs an ‘un’pleasaunce as well as a knot garden. Autumn is still half-minded at the moment.

    • Indeed you spy a birdbath, we found two strange home-made brick urns in our garden and a few years ago we gave up trying to fill them with plants and put water in them. They have given us so much delight, there is nothing funnier than birds queuing up and bathing.

    • Unlikely, given that it is November, but the big room across the back of the house, has continuous windows, so there is no missing the knot garden. Also it faces the back door and friends tend to enter that way.

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