Roderick Suddaby – much sadness

The wonderful supporter of many researchers on Far East prisoners of war has died. He was, until 2010, Keeper of the Department of Documents at The Imperial War Museum. I got to know him after this when he had semi-retired. He was the most incredible source of information for those of us with relatives who had been POWs in the Far East. With great enthusiasm and patience, he listened to me as I talked of the documents and memoirs of my father. He used complicated sources to discover small hidden details about the 69 men who were in my father’s unit. He read and commented at length on my father’s memoirs and a draft of my book of WWII letters. I emailed him only two days ago, and I will never receive an answer, which I find devastating. He not only had an irreplaceable fund of knowledge and awareness of the materials in this area, but he shared them so generously, putting researchers in touch with one another. There is a short film of him on this link.

Luzon Raid – correction

In the COFEPOW quarterly newsletter, there is a short piece about the memoirs of Signalman W G Riley, Dishonourable Guest. He was rescued on 30 January 1945 by Americans in the Cabanatuan, Luzon Raid. Checking in my newspaper cuttings from the period, I realise that it is this raid in which Thomas Potter was rescued not the later February one. The memoirs are available at the Imperial War Museum or, for a very small fee to COFEPOW, as a PDF via the author’s son. (If anyone wants these try the COFEPOW website or get in touch with me).